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Whenever my parents make a suggestion about a Christmas present I tell them "I don't do Christmas." or "I don't want anything" or "It's just a giant commercial gang bang, you can stick it up your arse."

Ok I've never said the last statement, as I'd be scared my Mother would beat seven bells of shit out of me while I cowered like a dog and cried like a baby, but you get the drift. But tonight when my Dad made the suggestion that he bought me the jacket I'd seen in MCN, I jumped at the offer.

The jacket (A picture of which I would have put up here, for you all to gawp at, had it not been for the site being "Copyright Protected." here is the link if you want to see what it looks like or buy one.) is a replica of Barry Sheene's leathers.

A double bonus is that part of the proceeds go to CLIC Sargent which helps children and young people with cancer, and helps support their families.

Kick out the jams kids...

For life is but a fleeting thing.

However there are things which make it more bearable. Like Music, books, the beauty of the sunrise and the most precious of them all, Love.

Music like the album "Sketches for (my sweetheart the drunk" by Jeff Buckley. [CD 1 CD2] [1]

Books like "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carrol.

And sunrises like these. [3]

[1] Courtesy of Anon.
[2] Courtesy of Project Gutenburg.
[3] Google image search.


Dear future Self...

Hello Fucko,
How goes it? All well and good I hope. If not; It's probably your fault for being a fucking layabout for the majority of your life. Does that sound harsh? If so, fuck ya, it's supposed to. I'm hoping that by the time you re-read this you've put yourself to some kind of good use and achieved something in your life. If not then you should be fucking ashamed.

Perhaps I should have taken a little time to refresh your memory of what is happening in your life at the time you are writing this...

You're currently single, unemployed and in a deep funk with regards to the state of the world. You're spending way too much time locked in your own little insular world. Your bed has become a refuge to hide from the world and you've got less direction in your life than a Satellite Navigation System that was won at a Gypsy fairground. You've been unemployed for almost a year following all that hoo-hah with the bowling club and you're struggling to find a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

To cut a long story short, you're fucking sinking son...

There is every possibility that the drugs ain't helping much either. I know, I know... You want to squeegee your third eye and see but even I can see that you should slow down. I mean, for fucks sake you're writing a letter to your future self and are referring to yourself in the third person.

That can't be good. Seriously, can it? (That's a sentence that could have such a different meaning by changing the punctuation. "That can't be good. Seriously. Can it.")

Can it. Knock it on the head. Pack it in and fucking grow up. Get some direction in your life, find something to keep you occupied, get off the dope and set about life with the same vim and vigour as you are currently putting into ripping the piss out of yourself.

Who knows, you may just surprise yourself.


Once more...

Your friend in the northern hemisphere...

Has been censored.

Yes folks, "The Man" has once again taken it upon Himself to decide what you, the masses, can or cannot read. Despite the fact that most people I have met have shown to me an ability to take in information, digest it and come up with a rationally formed opinion, "The Man" thinks otherwise.

(Click image to see a larger version)

All I can say is "Fuck the man!"


If music is the food of love...

Then this song is the musical equivalent of a hurried knee trembler up against a curry house wall.

Jeff Buckley - Eternal Life (Road Version)



Pissed off...

I've finally heard back from my insurers (After six weeks) about what was to happen with my scooter after it was stolen. The final judgement is it's a write off.

I had less than six months tootling about on Vera (Yes, I gave her a name) and will miss her.

Vera. Rust in Peace.


43 Places.

I've done a list of places I'd like to visit over on 43places.

Click here to see my places.


Goals are what I need in life right now.

So today I whipped over to 43things and began listing goals I'd like to achieve.

If any of you have any suggestions I'd be more than willing to listen, mostly because I'm struggling to think of forty three things I'd like to do.


I've managed to find forty three things but please by all means suggest things if you want.
Click here to see what my forty three things are.



Is a day for remembrance.

I'd like to ask you all to spare a minute of your time in remembrance of all the innocents that died in the awful events of this day.

One thing is for sure...

I'll never ride a Moto GP bike.

But at least I can say I have had my name on one after I signed up for Team KR's "get your name on a GP bike" thang.