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And so...

Here we are again. Me sat in front of a computer kicking my brain into gear in order to make some kind of sense of my life and you sat there eating Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia Ice Cream in your underwear... Tuck it in will ya, it's distracting...

So, it's been a while since I wrote anything on here. There's a reason for that but you're not getting to know what it is because there are people who will read it and think I'm depressed or some kind of obsessive and quite honestly I'm not in the mood for that barrel of bullshit.

However; This leaves a gap of a few months in my blog where future biographers will wonder what happened to me in that time (no doubt there will be much confusion in the history department of the Universities of the future and a few wacky theories may arise) and sadly it's just gonna have to be like that.

Because of my lack of wanting to spill my guts I've not really got much to report about how my life has been going in the last few months or so. The more knowledgeable of you will probably know at least a little of what's been occuring in my life so as far as I'm concerned it's all good.

Anyway, I'm still off the demon dope and have been for quite a while now. I'm not keeping a tally of days clean like some kind of recovering addict but it's a good few months anyway. Friends and family have remarked as to how I am a different person (and given that there's a massive difference between a stoner and a straight person I'm not surprised) and I'm making up for lost time with my neices and nephews by visiting them all more often and to be honest it's great.

I'm not one of the "I've done drugs and you should know that there is a horrible price to pay" types though and as far as I'm concerned if you want to do drugs then have at it. So long as you do not steal to pay for your habit of physically hurt anyone fire away my friend.

The most ironic thing inre me getting off of dope is that one day my dad and I were talking about general shit when he said "You wrote better when you were on drugs." How galling is that? To be told by someone who was always against my drug habit telling me it made me better at something I've always wanted to be good at... Go figure huh.

So, that's us up to speed again, I'm glad you decided to keep the faith and stayed with me through thick and thin. You can get even more of me by following me on Twitter by clicking here and you can also get a lot of updates and things I fall across on Facebook by clicking here and I can also be found on Stumbleupon by clicking here.


Moto 2...

There are many reasons to mourn the loss of the 250cc class in next years Moto GP season. Never again will you hear the wonderful sound of a full-on 2-stroke 250cc Grand Prix spec race bike bouncing off the limiter, never again will you smell that wonderful aroma (Which may cause lung damage and other nasty respirartory problems in later life but trust me, it's well worth it) that only a 2-stroke can provide.

Another reason to mourn the loss of the 250 strokers is that in next years "Moto 2" class there will be a single engine manufacturer (Honda Racing Corporation) and a single tyre manufacturer (Dunlop) which means curtains for fans of Aprilia (Who made possibly the finest 250 bike ever, imho, the RS250) and Gilera.

However, there is reason to be cheerful as the single engine manufacturer HRC has built a bike that is a more than adequate replacement. Here's the specs as stated on the official Moto GP site.
Powered by a one-make 600cc 4-stroke engine, producing around 150hp, the Moto2 class will continue the 250cc series' pursuit of developmental excellence with the running of a prototype chassis -free from limitation.

No production bike parts will be permitted for the frame, swing arm, fuel tank, seat or cowling, meaning that these aspects of the machine will be left to the manufacturer and designers. discretion.

However, electronic systems will be more limited than those currently permitted in 250cc, which has seen select factories bringing in traction control in recent years. Moto2 rules will allow for data loggers, ECU and timing transponders supplied by the organiser, with a maximum total cost of the ECU's components set at 650 euros. No other electronic control, nor datalogging systems, will be present on the bikes.
So, with limited money spent more teams will be more competitive and will therefore have an equal chance of winning races. The added advantage of the four stroke is that it runs cleaner than the current 250cc bikes and are easier on the environment. Plus, they sound amazing as this video, featuring former 500cc World Champion, Kevin Schwantz, shows.

Afterwards Kevin spoke about the bike...
"It’s a new project, it needs a little bit of work with settings as far as suspension goes, but as far as how nicely the bike goes and the power it delivers I think it is an amazing package right now. I’m convinced Moto2 is going to be great for the sport. For me it was all just for fun, but the new Moto2 bike should make for some interesting racing. I think whether you are a bigger guy like me, or whether you are smaller like Dani Pedrosa or Marco Melandri, if you are good enough you can make up for your size on a bike like this."
Like the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining.