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Keep them on their toes....

Dear Author of


This is Howard from, a new real-time search engine dedicated for fast feed discovery. I am writing to invite you to submit a short informative description about the feed you publish at .

At feedmil, we provide not only feed search but also individual feed pages so that users can conveniently examine more details about a feed before they decide whether or not to subscribe to it.

Description about your feed in your own words will be listed under the section titled "Words from the Author(s)" of your feed page at feedmil, and we believe that it will help your potential subscribers better understand what your feed is mainly about and what kind of feedback you want, possibly increasing the number of subscribers to your feed.

You can send me any content you like to be displayed under "Words from the Author(s)" for your feed by replying to this email, and any kind of additional materials in the form of attachments in the reply email would be welcome as well.

I sincerely thank you for all the great content you publish, which makes the service like ours possible.

Your attention would be highly appreciated.


Best wishes,
The Feedmil Team

PS: More about

- Service launched: April 22, 2009

- Alexa ranking: 8,154 (as of Aug. 11, 2009)

- Some recent articles reviewing


Aloha Howard,

How hangs the hammer? Long and lazy I hope. If not, have you tried Viagra? Or indeed one of the many herbal alternatives that are available from most good emails...

I've had a wee look at your site and appreciate what it is that your service wishes to provide but feel it would be poor form of me to send you an authors description at the moment as I am not currently blogging due to a lack of Internet connection. (Yeah, it's a pisser as I have a desperate need to keep myself occupied. Whenever I stop being occupied the voices return and this leads to the headaches, the partial memory loss, the shakes and the occasional bout of waking up naked in a field covered in the blood of innocents.)

As soon as I get back on the net (with a reasonable time for getting up to speed on the news from the tech world, catching up on world events, getting back in the loop in re the genre of porn and kicking utorrent into life to download some music [also to drown out the voices]) I shall of course take you up on your offer and will whack out a few hundred words in an attempt to describe what it is my blog (and indeed I) am all about.

Until then, I remain, (Locked down and sedated for the good of the community and society in general.)

Ross Douglas.