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It's been a while...

Since I last shat anything onto here. And why is that? Cos I've been tweeting the shit outta myself.

Followers of my feed are no doubt damn good people so if you're a tweeter why not follow them all and make some friends. They're mostly comedy types or motorcycle racing related people so if that's your gig then get ye some.

In other news... In the last month I've won two competitions and have found myself someone who makes me happier than a pig in shit. No more details will be posted about the person who makes me happy 'cos you are just being nosey. So fuck off.

The competitions I won were both motorcycle racing related and were courtesy of the great tweet feed of @Expressbikes and the equally wonderful twitter feed of @motorbikehub. Follow them by all means. Tell them I sent you.

For my followers on twitter who are reading this blog for the first time, I shall make a promise to update it more often. I'll not get rich and famous for just tweeting my inane sense of humour in 140 characters now will I?


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