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Lucid Dreaming - Wikibooks

Lucid Dreaming - Wikibooks

Can you imagine... Being a dolphin swimming in the seas? Having the ability to fly? Being able to To "Enter the Matrix?"

Lucid dreaming sounds like fun to me.
Having read a lot of this wiki on practices with which to lucid dream I'll be giving it a go tonight.
I'll keep a diary of my lucid dreams and post the goings on.

I Wrote the above roughly five hours ago and have been reading about methods to enable lucid dreaming since then. Well, apart from the four times I stopped to look at porn and Wank off, but that's another story.

2:29am and I am about to roll a joint and roll through to my bed. I must remember a few things.
  1. Relax and know that I can tap into my brain while my body sleeps.
  2. Do a reality check if I am unsure whether I am awake, or I am dreaming that I am.
  3. Remember that these things take time to become as controlable as testimonials on the wiki say they do.
  4. Enjoy the ride.

JFK Reloaded | Home

JFK Reloaded | Home

Pure genius.

A Scottish company has released this game. Makes me proud.

The Media are jumping all over this one.

Here's hoping that the game sells millions. and opens peoples eyes to just how far a government will go to keep you enslaved.


All quiet.

It's been a quiet week here on planet Ross. Earth however seems to still be involved in it's petty arguements.

The sun has been shining though it has been a bit cold. I blame the weather. But I kinda like this time of year as it is always the time that there are the clear skies at night. I have a habit of looking into the sky and looking for the three stars that are in orions belt.

I really should stop doing this as it is a personal Meme activator for me. They remind me of my ex-girlfriend Katy. She has three beauty spots on her cheek that were in exactly the same shape as orions belt.

I often wonder how she is.


Just a little one.

Ladies, Gentlemen and any Non-human lifeforms I share with you...
The womb. The next stage of my musically assisted Evolution.
Sam Kinison. The next stage of my comedically assisted Evolution.

Finished reading "The art of meditation" and have assimilated the lessons learned within.


The magical mystery tour.

I have began reading "The art of meditation" by Joel Goldsmith and am going to spend some of my time (of which I have lots) meditating.


Send in the UN.

So, we're looking staring the gun barrel of another four years of George W Warmonger in power. Ohhhhh my. We're doomed. Screwed. Fucked. Poleaxed... Please feel free to add your own epithet to the list.

The media is claiming that the voters cast their votes on the main issues of Gay Rights and Abortion. Maybe that's true. Fucked if I know. What I do know is this....

If a woman chooses to abort her feotus it is her choice. You have a problem with this? Mind your own fucking business.

If a Gay couple want to live together as a married couple it is their choice. You have a problem with this? Mind your own fucking business.

Then there is the question of stem cell research. I know very little about Stem cell research, and what the hell it is, but it's science. Science will always push the boundaries of morality. You got a problem with this? Deal with it. Take a deep breath and realise that everything you think you know is wrong.



I am having a few renovations done to the house. And about time too. I finally have a bookcase so I can store my books somewhere that isn't the floor of my flat.
I'm also having a desk made for my PC, Record decks, CD player and Mixing board so I can reaquaint myself with my music collection. I've been missing being able to slide between a Rolling Stones album and a Vivaldi CD at the touch of a button.

On a side note; My friend just got back from Valencia and he brought me a bottle of Stolichnya vodka which I will pop open at some point in the next week or so. Yummy.

Who will it be?

As America votes for who will be the President for the next four years I sit waiting expectantly at my desk waiting for the news that it is John Kerry. OK, we have no idea of just how bad, or good, a President he may be but he can't be any worse than George W Warmonger. Can he?
I have a lot of American contacts on my messenger and I have been begging and pleading for them to get off their asses and go out and vote.
The latest polls show that this is the closest Presidential race in the last couple of centuries. but then again, they said that last time.

Project update.

As I have written in this blog previously I have set myself the goal of trying stand-up comedy. I have at least five minutes worth of material that I know to be funny enough to do on stage but I really feel that I should have more than that.
So in the next couple of weeks I'll be writing more comedy and soaking myself in various comedians to watch thier stage craft and delivery.

Also as a little side note to trying my comedy out I have decided that I should perform some of my poetry to a live audience. So in the next next month I'll be writing some more poetry.


Quest for knowledge update.

Began reading "Looking for a fight" by David Matthews yesterday.
The story of a journalist that decided to become a boxer and have one professional fight before he got too old to.
Well written and gripping enough to capture my interest even though I am not a fan of the pugilistic pursuit.