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Guess who's back?

Yup, it's that man again. The one your mother warned you about. The one who your teachers showed you pictures of and told you not to accept any candy from. The one who, if given a chance, would make everyone shout "I was raped by Jesus" in church and would make it legal to spit in the faces of those who attempt to tell others exactly "What God Meant to say was..."

So what's been happening in the life of yours truly? Well, nothing much if I'm honest. In fact if I'm honest I'd have to say Fuck All. Life goes on around me and I watch and wonder what it is that I do not have that seems to drive everyone else to be all that they can be. Perhaps it's a lack of a certain chemical in the old noggin or maybe it's a case of too many chemicals have pickled my brain. Whatever, all I know is that there is something rotten in the state of Denmark.

I would carry on this post but I must away and do some shopping.

Mahalo folks.

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