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John Hinds.

John Hinds was an unsung hero who passed away today following an accident at the Skerries 100.

John was not a racer, he was a Dr. He was the medical motorcyclist who strapped his kit on a bike and set of to save someone who'd had an accident around whichever track he was working at. John was, according to those that he met him over the years, a brilliant man and always had time for people.

The number of professional motorcycle racers who owe him their continued lives is in the hundreds.

"We are all shocked and saddened by the loss of Dr John Hinds. He saved so many lives. Absolute hero. Our thoughts are with his family" The Ulster Grand Prix organisers said on twitter today.

Keith Amor said "So sorry to hear about the passing of Doc John Hinds Quite a lot of us road racers owe him so much, RIP my friend."


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