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It gets aboot eh...

 As it's Canada day today Here are some intersting facts about Canada.
  • The largest city in Canada is Toronto. Toronto is home to as many as 78 people. 
  • From 1994-1999 one fifth of the population was employed in the making of Due South.
  • Canada and Scotland have been at war since July 1867 over the use of the word Moose.
  • The most famous Canadian in the world is Paul Gross.
  • A child can carry a gun at three months old.
  • It is illegal in Canada not to know how to skin a wild bear.
  • A Mountie can go without food and water for three months thanks to fat stored in their hats.
  • The National Anthem Of Canada is The Lumberjack Song by Monty Python.
  • It has been at number one in the Canadian charts for the last forty five years.
  • Canadian money is accepted in every country in the world except Canada.
  •  The second most famous Canadian is Diefenbaker the dog, now known as Celine Dion.
  • All residents of Winnipeg must carry at least two fresh fish at all times.
  • A traditional greeting when you met a Canadian woman is "Nice Beaver Eh"

There now follows a short Advertisement on behalf of the Canadian Tourism Board.

Only four hundred Canadians are left in the wild.
They are forced to walk miles every day for food.
Stores in America leave food out for them but they often die during the journey.
If you act now we can save this wonderful animal.


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