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In the begining...

There was Instagram...

And lo, it was good.
For posting pictures of your latest meal, pictures of your dog and holiday snaps Instagram is the default way to share images online. The app is easy to use and sharing is a doddle. Even a child can do it. Look below, there's a child using a mobile phone...

This little chap is probably uploading a photograph so the other kids in the playground can view his latest attempt at colouring in but I'm above that. I think. I'm not sure. I've not had the chance to any colouring in for quite a while now.

Anyhoo... Instagram is where we all now drop our memories to keep us from having to remember all that stuff that takes up time between waking up and going back to bed.

Surely all of us can make a little bit of cashola from these images was my thinking when I stumbled across Instaprints. It's a fine looking site that allows you to use your images to generate money. After logging in it's pretty simple to choose which images you wish to sell and creating galleries if you're so inclined is also a walk in the park.

I have a few images in my Instaprints gallery and all are now available for sale in various different formats.

Whether or not anyone buys them is another thing.


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