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It's Cookery Corner! With your host... Me.

What you will need...

Chicken Breasts. (Diced or cut into thin slices)
Red bell Peppers.
Green bell peppers.
Baby Corn.
Cajan spice.
Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce.
Tortilla wraps.

First, prepare your vegetables. The best way I find is to slice the peppers and baby corn reasonably thinly (You can slice them as thin or as thick as you want depending on personal preference) and quarter the tomatoes. Remove the seeds from the tomatoes.

Take a wok (or deep based frying pan) and get it nice and hot. Add a small amount of oil to the pan and add the chopped chicken. Whilst the chicken is cooking add a some of the Cajun Spice. Doing this adds a nice flavour to the chicken and adds to the overall flavour of the finished dish. Remove from heat when cooked and place to one side. For best results place the chicken onto some kitchen towel to remove any residual moisture.

Wipe the frying pan clear of any residue from cooking the chicken and once again, get it nice and hot. Add a small amount of oil again and get the pan as hot as possible. Stir fry the prepared vegetables in the pan and add the Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce, the Cajun Spice and the honey. Depending on personal preference fry the vegetables to whatever bite you like. I like my vegetables to be slightly al dente as it makes a nice counterpoint to the chicken.

Add the pre-fried chicken to the pan of vegetables and stir the mixture thoroughly.

Place the mixture onto the tortilla wraps and serve.

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A 2 Z said...

Sounds really good. Will there be more recipes, Naked Ross? BTW, I want to buy Elvis P's tribute to Canada !

Wreckless Euroafrican said...



WV= keyyfyin - keep frying?

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

what happened to fast food, greasy nhealthy take aways and such stuff?

測逤 said...

great ...........................................................

A 2 Z said...

What happened to the naked chef?

A 2 Z said...

I need a new recipe!