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Journalist? Schmournalist...

From Robert K
Date 28 November 2009 22:16
Subject ~ blog
Signed by

Im a freelance reporter investigating various online scams, particularly relating to online classified sites. My question relates to your last blog post. Where did you see this add? I assume Gumtree and what section was this add posted in? Can you send me the full corosponance. I would be happy to plug your blog.



From Ross Douglas
To Robert K
Date 1 December 2009 16:07
Subject Re: blog

Hey there Robert,

Can I call you Robbie? How about Rob? Bob maybe? Perhaps I can call you Boo Boo Kitty Fuck?

So, you're a freelance reporter are you? I guess you're mostly employed by such venerable news outlets as the Daily Sport and the Sun... You have as much of a grasp on punctuation and spelling as one of the barely educated monkeys that read those rags.

Fuck me dude, "I'm" has an apostrophe in it (It's a simple contraction, take two words, shove 'em together and add an apostrophe) and correspondence is not spelled that way either.

Anyhoo, I've not got time to sit here and teach you the skills you should have in order to further your career I've got bigger fish to fry, being as I am, in the middle of rewriting the basic rights and laws of society so that the average man gets a fair shout at life. Please don't worry though, you'll not be affected. You're way below average.

Mahalo Boo Boo Kitty Fuck,


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1 comment:

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

i fink dat Robert / Robbie / Rob / Bob is just an tired copy typist, who has perchance found your blog, and decided that he can add some value to your writings.
Howeva, seeing as he carent even spel write, im nottoo sure whrt he carn do four u. So, u r beta orf ignorin his wafle, and keep us entertained.
good rsponse though! As expected.
By the way, based on his comment, and compared to mine, do you think I could get a job with Cnnsky(pe)?