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How to use Pazera Video Converter...

Ok so you have a nice shiny Ipod and want to put movies onto it. Here's how...

First, get over to and download a copy of Pazera Video to Ipod Converter.

Start Pazera Video to Ipod Converter. You'll get a box like this...

Next you need to add the movie files from wherever you have them on your hard-disk. To do this click the Add Files button in the top right of the program.

A box will appear showing you links to the folders on your computer.

Find the file you want to convert and select it.

Pazera Video to Ipod Converter will add the file to the list of files to be converted.

The next step is to tell Pazera Video to Ipod Converter what type of file you want it to be converted to. To do this click the drop down box with profile written on it at the left hand side.

In the drop down box click the settings that you wish to use (Go for the Mov - Ipod/Iphone - Best Q - MPEG4 - 1500kbps - AAC 160kbps - 640x480 option.) and select it.

Click the button that has <-Load written on it.

The Video Converter will load the settings needed.

Make sure you have the output directory pointing to the directory you want to save your converted file in otherwise Pazera is set to save the file in the original directory by clicking the Browse... Button

Find where you want to save the file and select it. As you can see above I have selected the directory G:\Ipod Videos.

Done all that? You should now have a screen that looks a bit like this.

Finally check that the program knows all the information it needs to do the job you want it to. In the image below I have highlighted the things you have to do in order for the program to complete as desired.

Check that the File/s have been added.
Check that you have the right directory to save the converted file in.
Check that the profile settings are correct.

Done all that? Good. Now all there is for you to do is for you to click the Convert button which is located to the right of the Add File button you used to add the video you want to convert.

A screen like the one below will pop up and your video will be converted.

...Note... This is not an instantaneous thing so have some patience and wait until the program tells you it is finished. You'll notice a small bit of text, just below the black part of the screen with the video information that says Done, when it is.

To finish just hit the close button and shut the program down. And that, as they say, is that. You have now converted a movie file to a file that can be uploaded to your Itunes library.


*Software used in this demo...

Pazera Video to Ipod Converter.
Play by FoxSaver®

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angelcicero said...

Dude, thank you so much!!
It took forever to try to figure it out by myself!! But I wasn't getting the desire output quality!!